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Eva Suranyi
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Effect of brachytherapy on endothelial cells.

Significant but low decrease in endothelial cell density was observed after plaque therapy for tumors in the anterior segment which may have an influence on a subsequent cataract surgery.

The article was published by
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European Journal of Ophthalmology
Volume / Volumen: 23
Number / Número: 5
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 623-628
Year / Año: 2013
Month / Mes: september

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Principal institution where the research took place
Institución principal de la investigación
Debreceni Egyetem, Orvos és Egészségtudományi Centrum, Szemklinika, Debrecen, Hajdu-Bihar, Hungary

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Bibliographic references
Referencias bibliográficas

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Does Beta-Ray Emitting Therapy of Ciliary Body Tumors Decrease Central Corneal Endothelial Cell Density?

Author / Autor
Eva Suranyi1, Andras Berta2, Laszlo Modis3, Eszter Szalai4, Judit Damjanovich5

5 Md Phd, Debreceni Egyetem, Orvos És Egészségtudományi Centrum, Szemklinika, Ophthalmology Specialist

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European Journal of Ophthalmology

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