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Development and implementation of a peer program in Portugal

Peer support is an area of growing interest for research and further studies are needed to increase access to this evidence-based practice in Latin Countries. This intervention shows benefits in the recovery process of the peer workers and the users, showing also benefits for the mental health system.

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Archives of Clinical Psychiatry
Volume / Volumen: 41
Number / Número: 2
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 49-55
Year / Año: 2014
Month / Mes:

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Principal institution where the research took place
Institución principal de la investigación
Laboratório de Reabilitação Psicossocial da FPCEUP/ESTSIPP, Porto, Porto, Portugal

Authors' Report

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Referencias bibliográficas

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Campos, F., Sousa, A., Rodrigues, V., Marques, A., Queirós, C., & Dores, A. (2014b). Practical Guidelines on Peer Support Programs in Mental Illness. Revista de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental. Manuscript accepted for publication.

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2022, december 27
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2023, march 27

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Peer Support for People With Mental Illness

Author / Autor
Filipa Campos1, Antonio Marques2, Cristina Queirós3

3 Phd, Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação da Universidade Do Porto

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