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Li-Kuei Chen
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Association with patient nasal bacterial colonisation

Inpatient use of mobile phones is popular and common. However, there are risks with the use of such technology in the clinical environment, specifically bacterial phone surface contamination, noise, confidentiality and health and safety concerns. There is an association between patient MRSA nasal colonisation and mobile phone colonisation.

The article was published by
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Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Volume / Volumen: 17
Number / Número: 6
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 830-835
Year / Año: 2011
Month / Mes: june

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Principal institution where the research took place
Institución principal de la investigación
Department of Surgery, Western General Hospital, Crewe Road South, Edinburgh EH4 2XU, Edinburgh, midlothian, United Kingdom

Authors' Report

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Bibliographic references
Referencias bibliográficas

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2017, november 7

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Mobile Phone Technology and Hospitalized Patients: A Cross-Sectional Surveillance Study of Bacterial Colonization, and Patient Opinions and Behaviours

Author / Autor
Li-Kuei Chen1

1 Docotor, Assistant Prof, National Taiwan University Hospital, Anesthesiology Department, Taipei, Taiwán (Republica Nacionalista China), Chief Of Pain Section

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