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Descripción editorial de las publicaciones  periódicas (PP) clasificadas por SIIC Data Bases  con elevados índices de consulta entre nuestros  colaboradores y lectores.

Al pulsar sobre una PP editará el nombre de su editor,  institución científica responsable, audiencia  profesional a la que se dirige, bases de datos que la  clasifican, dirección en Internet,frecuencia de  edición, trayectoria de la publicación, fecha de  ingreso a la Biblioteca Biomédica SIIC (BB SIIC) y otros  datos de interés para lectores e investigadores.

Los suscriptores de SIIC En Internet, como así  también los profesionales o instituciones que participan  en los programas de SIIC, pueden recabar con fines  científicos información complementaria de las  editoriales y sus revistas (contactos para fines  específicos, factores de impacto, cumplimiento de normas  editoriales, etc.). Para efectuar la consulta dirigirse a  Mensajes a SIIC.*-

Las colecciones en papel integran el acervo de la  Biblioteca Biomédica SIIC a partir de los  años que en cada revista se indica a continuación  de las siglas BB SIIC .


Substance Use & Misuse

BB SIIC. Ingreso: 2006-
Editor: Stanley Einstein
For over 30 years, Substance Use & Misuse has provided a unique international multidisciplinary environment for the exchange of facts, theories, viewpoints, and unresolved issues concerning substance use, misuse (licit and illicit drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine), "abuse", and dependency, eating disorders, and gambling. Substance Use & Misuse features original, peer-reviewed articles, notes, and book reviews, as well as special issues devoted to single topics. The journal also publishes proceedings and symposia that describe and analyze the latest research; and information on clinical prevention, training, law enforcement, and policy efforts. Topics covered include: measurements, instruments, scales, and tests failure and drug use intervention student substance use gender and substance use issues, credos, caveats, and unresolved issues social pharmacology classical-historical articles, reviews, and documents prevention programs artificial sciences and substance use/misuse intervention ethnicity and substance abuse topic-focused bibliographies
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Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology
Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia

BB SIIC. Ingreso: 2009-
Editor: Bogdana Victória Kadunc
A Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology, editada em 2009, constitui publicação médica destinada a difundir a experiência brasileira nas áreas de Cirurgia Dermatológica e Cosmiatria. É uma publicação trimestral das Sociedades Brasileiras de Dermatologia e de Cirurgia Dermatológica.
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Surgical Neurology International

BB SIIC. Ingreso: 2011-
Editor: James I Ausman
Surgical Neurology International is an open access, Internet-only journal that rapidly publishes the latest developments in the field of neurosurgery and related clinical and basic neurosciences. Surgical Neurology International will also discuss timely and controversial clinical, social, ethical, and political subjects related to the neurosciences of its readers worldwide. Surgical Neurology International is an independent publication that is not affiliated with any society or organization. The journal welcomes papers and opinions from neurosurgeons and clinical and basic neuroscientists everywhere. Its papers can be downloaded for free by anyone.
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Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy

BB SIIC. Ingreso: 2010-
Editor: Mueen

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Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine

BB SIIC. Ingreso: 2008-
Editor: S. A. Krawetz
Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine, SBiRM, publishes Research Articles, Communications, Applications Notes that include protocols a Clinical Corner that includes case reports, Review Articles and Hypotheses and Letters to the Editor on human and animal reproduction. The journal will highlight the use of systems approaches including genomic, cellular, proteomic, metabolomic, bioinformatic, molecular, and biochemical, to address fundamental questions in reproductive biology, reproductive medicine, and translational research. The journal publishes research involving human and animal gametes, stem cells, developmental biology and toxicology, and clinical care in reproductive medicine. Specific areas of interest to the journal include: male factor infertility and germ cell biology, reproductive technologies (gamete micro-manipulation and cryopreservation, in vitro fertilization/embryo transfer (IVF/ET) and contraception. Research that is directed towards developing new or enhanced technologies for clinical medicine or scientific research in reproduction is of significant interest to the Journal.
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