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Reducing dizziness-related impairment in people aged 50+

A six-month tailored multifactorial intervention of dizziness therapies comprising balance and strength exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, cognitive-behavioural therapy and/or medical management effectively reduced dizziness-related impairment compared to control (usual care) in community-living people aged 50 years and older with dizziness.

The article was published by
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PLoS Medicine
Volume / Volumen: 15
Number / Número: 7
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 1-21
Year / Año: 2018
Month / Mes: july

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Authors' Report

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Bibliographic references
Referencias bibliográficas

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Reducing the burden of dizziness in middle-aged and older people: A multifactorial, tailored, single-blind randomized controlled trial

Author / Autor
Americo Migliaccio1, Daina Sturnieks2, Kim Delbaere3, Nickolai Titov4, Jacqueline Close5, Daniela Meinrath6, Stephen Lord7

7 Profesor, Neuroscience Research Australia, Sydney, Australia

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