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Deducing the results of the study, we can conclude that a definite association between ABO blood groups and HLA phenotypes with periodontal diseases cannot be established. Leukocytic functional defects were found in subjects with aggressive periodontitis (AP). A statistically significant percentage of CD14+ CD16+ and CD45RA monocytes were found in AP subjects as compared to the controls.

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Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
Volume / Volumen: 18
Number / Número: 2
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 166-171
Year / Año: 2014
Month / Mes: march

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2021, june 7

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Aggressive Periodontitis: A Clinico-Hematological Appraisal

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Vineet Nair1, Debabrata Kundu2

2 Dr., Dr. R Ahmed Dental College & Hospital, Kolkata, Professor

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Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology

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