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Maternal asthma, especially when poorly controlled, may increase the risk for a spontaneous abortion. This finding emphasizes the importance of maintaining optimal asthma control prior to and during pregnancy.

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Human Reproduction
Volume / Volumen: 28
Number / Número: 4
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 908-915
Year / Año: 2013
Month / Mes: april

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Université de Montréal, Faculté de pharmacie, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Authors' Report

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Consecuencias del Asma Materno sobre el Aborto

El asma materna, sobre todo la enfermedad mal controlada, puede aumentar el riesgo de aborto espontáneo. Este fenómeno pone de manifiesto la importancia de mantener elcontrol óptimo del asma antes y durante el embarazo.
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Bibliographic references
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1. Blais L, Kettani FZ, Forget A. Relationship between maternal asthma, its severity and control and abortion. Hum Reprod 28(4):908-15, 2013.
2. Tata L, Lewis S, McKeever T, et al. A Comprehensive Analysis of Adverse Obstetric and Pediatric Complications in Women with Asthma. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 175:991-97, 2007.
3. Firoozi F, Lemiere C, Beauchesne MF, Forget A, Blais L. Development and validation of database indexes of asthma severity and control. Thorax 62(7):581-87, 2007.

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2021, june 7

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Relationship Between Maternal asthma, Its Severity and Control and Abortion

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Lucie Blais1, Fatima-Zohra Kettani2, Amélie Forget3

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Human Reproduction

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