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Most newborns had normal birth-weights and no significant relationship was observed between maternal nutrition and birth-weights of newborns. Therefore, newborns that participated in this study have reduced risk of contracting non-communicable diseases in the future. Further work is still required because of the lingering arguments on this subject.

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Annals of African Medicine
Volume / Volumen: 12
Number / Número: 1
First and last pages / Páginas inicial-final: 29-33
Year / Año: 2013
Month / Mes: march

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2021, march 9
The authors' report was accepted on
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2021, march 9
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2021, june 7

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Using the Effects of Maternal Nutritional Indicators (Hemoglobin and Total Protein) on Baby's Birth Weight Outcome to Forecast a Paradigm Shift Toward Increased Levels of Non-Communicable Diseases in Children

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Ahmadu Baba Usman1

1 Dr, Federal Medical Center Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria. (fmcy), Yola, Nigeria, Consultant Paediatrician

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